The State of Georgia is in a state of crisis caused by criminal street gangs. In our most recent statewide survey of gang activity, responding agencies reported that there are over 1,500 criminal street gangs with over 71,000 members currently active in Georgia. That’s nearly three times the number of law enforcement officers in the state. And an average of 60% of violent crimes committed statewide are gang-motivated.

In light of those statistics, it doesn’t matter whether you are assigned to a specialized gang unit or not. If you’re in law enforcement in Georgia, you are a gang investigator!

If we are going to eradicate criminal street gang activity in Georgia, it is essential that we work together. To that end, the GGIA provides a number of essential functions:

  1. Organize training
  2. Provide a network of investigative contacts
  3. Support the sharing of intelligence among our membership
For only $50 per year, or about $4.16 per month, you gain access to our statewide network of gang investigators, training sessions and certifications, as well as current intelligence about gangs in our state.
Gangs are already working together to undermine the safety of the public