The Georgia Gang Investigators Association was created in 1998 in response to increasing gang activity across the state. The association’s mission is to counter criminal street gang activity in Georgia by providing intelligence, training, suppression, and intervention to law enforcement and prosecutors.

Today, the GGIA has over 500 members from law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutor’s offices around the state. We organize regular regional intelligence-sharing meetings; we train and certify gang investigators; and we provide our state legislature with updates on gang activity and trends across Georgia.

President Jimmy Callaway has offered this as his vision for the GGIA:

“To disrupt and dismantle gangs throughout the great State of Georgia by teaching investigators and prosecutors best anti-gang practices and raise awareness of the gang crisis facing the State and Nation. Fostering a culture of visionary leadership along with setting a standard of successful gang enforcement with a matrix of gang act warrants, gang act indictments and gang act prosecutions. To be at the forefront of new anti-gang legislation and remaining active in the courts.”



Gangs are already working together to undermine the safety of the public – be a part of the answer.